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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • My background was previously sponsored by the Germany-USA Career Center, checkout #
  • MySpace And Facebook Can Learn (And Earn) From TenCent's Virtual Goods Model: Earlier this week industry ana.. #
  • Markenlizenzvertrag – Die 10 größten Fehlerquellen: Neben der Etablierung und Pflege von Marken gewinnt auch de.. #
  • 10 AJAX-based, PHP WebMail Clients For a Great User Experience: Employees need to access their email from wherev.. #
  • My Slides from Engage Expo: Here’s my quick overview deck on virtual goods from the Engage Expo – enjoy!
    Engage .. #
  • OMGPOP Raises $5 Mil On Strength Of Virtual Goods Potential: Yesterday casual gaming portal OMGPOP, formerly kno.. #
  • Ultimate Round-Up For Version Control with Subversion:
    by Glen Stansberry Subversion is a version control syste.. #
  • Die schnuffige Business-Sofie: Wenn nur alles im Leben so naheliegend wäre! Man sucht ein schnuffiges Motiv zu e.. #
  • Twofish Launching Virtual Economy Analytics Platform for Social Games & Virtual Worlds: The virtual economy .. #
  • Beautiful Forms – Design, Style, & make it work with PHP & Ajax: Forms needs a solid visual structure, a.. #
  • GameWager Building New Virtual Goods Service for Competitive Gaming: So here’s a new use for virtual goods from .. #
  • How did the web lose faith in charging for stuff?: We’ve been talking about the basic wonder of putting a price .. #
  • Free to Freemium: 5 lessons learned from Today we have a fantastic guest blog from Ranjith Kumara.. #
  • Branded Virtual Goods Boost Purchase Intent By 20% Or More On Social Networks:
    Today the social advertising ne.. #
  • Perspectives on Open Data Workshop: I was part of a panel, Perspectives on Open Data Workshop, at Webstock last .. #
  • Top 5 Google Analytics Tools und Plugins: Google Analytics bietet per Default schon eine Menge Möglichkeiten. Be.. #
  • Die IBM entdeckt Xing – im Jahr 2009:
    Auch hochkarätige Vordenker machen mal einen Fehler. So geschehen unlängs.. #
  • Bedeutung von “Teams” bei Finanzierungsrunden: Wonach Kapitalgeber erst recht in rauen Zeiten am meisten Ausscha.. #

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