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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-04-05

  • Rumor: Zynga making more than $50 million on virtual goods: While Asian web companies are making millions if not.. #
  • 8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs:
    Many people, designers included, think that typography con.. #
  • Im Bett mit Steve Jobs – aber leider nur 500 Mal: Keine Chance, den Apple-Chef Steve Jobs einmal im Leben in liv.. #
  • 200+ Free Icons: Web Blog Icon Pack: SEM Labs is featuring a set of free icons (200+) named Web Blog Icon Pack.
    .. #
  • Mobile Advertising on the move….: Mobile Ads from eMarketer

    …says eMarketing (see predictions above):

    …t.. #

  • Kay-Yut Chen of HP Labs + Mat Fogarty of CrowdCast:


    Midas Oracle .ORG = Site Map + Archives + Best.. #

  • Q42 Multiplayer Game Engine Open Sourced: Martin Kool of Q42 let us know that his company decided to open source.. #
  • Palm Pre at Web 2.0 Expo: Close to 5pm, and you started to see a huge snaky line making its way to the keynote a.. #
  • Prinzipien für Design von Social Software: Aus San Francisco Gestern erster entspannter Warmstart für die Web 2… #
  • TenCent Reaches New Heights in Virtual Goods Sales: China’s TenCent social network recently announced it’s Q4 ea.. #
  • Erik Bethke on game balance in free to play games: Interesting quote from Massively’s GDC coverage about how to .. #

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