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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • This Week in VC with Om Malik & Paul Jozefak:
    To see the video of This Week in VC click on this link.
    What a plea… #
  • Does money motivate workers?: Financial bonuses may not be as effective as you think when it comes to convincing y… #
  • Facebook 2009 Revenue Was Almost $800 Million [REPORT]: Facebook’s revenue in 2009 was nearly $800 million and th… #
  • Wir sind ja doch nicht das einzige #bizspark #start-up in #Berlin :) – suchen Entwickler #
  • bebo-Verkauf möglicherweise vor Abschluss: Verlustgeschäft für AOL: AOL soll endlich einen Käufer für bebo gefunde… #
  • What it's like to own an Apple product: A journey on the emotional rollercoaster of owning a fancy apple gadget.View #
  • Checking out the awesome HashCloud at TweetStats! #
  • How to Make Money Playing Prediction Markets: How to Make Money Playing Prediction Markets
    Midas Oracle = About + … #
  • Dell supplies servers for OnLive’s games-on-demand service: Dell is announcing today it will be the server partner… #
  • BREAKING: The CFTC approves MDEX’s real-money prediction markets on movie box office.: “In a 3-2 vote, the Commodi… #
  • Online Gambling Platform 888 Acquires Social Game Developer Mytopia: Online gambling platform 888 announces that i… #
  • Facebook has a BigPipe to smoke competitors on performance: Remember a time when you would make fun of Facebook fo… #
  • It’s official: More people are playing Predictalot than Mafia Wars: It’s true.
    More people are playing Predictalot… #

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